Samples and prototypes


Ordering a sample is always advisable to check the quality of a product before production and Chinese manufacturers also expect you to order a sample. Sample costs are usually only 100 to 200 Euros, and the waiting time is often less than two weeks.

For more extensive productions, manufacturers send quality samples directly from production. How many samples will be sent, should be agreed before ordering (see quality).


For individual product developments, we speak of prototypes rather than samples. For complex products, multiple prototypes are common. Initial prototypes are usually produced using the 3D printing process. For prototypes that are ready for series production specail tools and/or molds must be produced. The cost of production-ready prototypes varies widely, depending on the product and the tools that need to be made for production.

C2G Production supports you in the implementation of your product idea from the first prototype from the 3D printer to the production-ready prototype and subsequent production.