Only cheap junk is produced in China. This prejudice is no longer true. Otherwise, Apple would not have production in China. Many price-driven brands have now migrated to Vietnam or Bangladesh because production in China has become somewhat more expensive. In return, however, the quality has also increased.
In Chinese factories today, process-optimized workflows and strict quality specifications for production can be found. Larger factories have internal quality control that controls manufacturing.

Regardless of the size of the manufacturer, we control the production before, during and at its end.

External quality control

Depending on the product and process, we commission external service providers with quality control. Products that come into contact with food, protective equipment or electronic products are often subject to particularly stringent controls and tests. For this purpose, an independent laboratory sometimes has to be commissioned to prepare a test report and check, for example, whether heavy metals or other undesirable substances could get into food. The test report may be a prerequisite for importing a product.

We organize an external quality control for your product, have test reports prepared or apply for CE certification for you.

We know “our” factories

We know every factory where we have goods produced. We know if it produces goods for export and to whom it supplies. The first questions of a thorough quality control are thus answered from the outset: Are there really as many employees in the factory as indicated? Is the factory really located at the specified site? Are the certifications valid for the product? Do the working conditions correspond to the manufacturer’s specifications?

We can avoid many pitfalls because we know the manufacturers in China and check them on site.

Several controls

Depending on the production volume, we check the production once or several times and take quality samples, which we send to you. If quality control is particularly important to you, we can also firmly agree on the number of inspections before the start of production. Of course, especially the first productions should be thoroughly checked. For repeat orders, pictures or videos from production are usually sufficient.

We take quality samples during production and send them to you.

Important final inspection

At the end of production, there is usually an inspector on site at the plant to check that the agreed quantity has been delivered and that the goods are packed as agreed. This control helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We will do the final inspection for you before your product is shipped.