Website online

On the summit

On August 8 2021, the time had come: We were able to go online with our website. This enabled us to reach a first summit and set our sights on new goals.

Bundled experience

The website is the result of the experience we have gained in doing business in China over the last three years. In this context, the Corona crisis was something like a particle accelerator for us. We were able to import about 1 million FFP2 masks, 200,000 protective gowns, 50,000 protective hoods, several hundred thousand mouth-nose masks and other personal protective equipment during the pandemic. During this intensive time, we were able to gain an enormous amount of experience.

Solidified team

The website is also the result of a consolidated team, both here in Dresden and in Ningbo, China. The cooperation works excellently and the cogs are meshing ever more smoothly. This enables us to work very efficiently and to prepare quotations and set up productions for our customers in the shortest possible time.

Likewise, the logistics have become well established and consolidated. With experienced logistics partners at your side, what was once a great adventure feels almost routine.

A big thank you

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this website. To Andy in China, Toni in Dresden, Matthias in Switzerland and of course to the brilliant designers from the branding agency IKONUM.

Urs Draeger, C2G Production,